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This type of contract cleaning services for schools is on the increase as more and more schools and colleges opt to contract this away from in-house cleaning. Additionally, with school contract cleaning there is no need to pay full time staff wages for in-house cleaners when term time is closed.

We take a flexible approach and if required, we will clean as a one off or deep clean when the term is closed.

Depending on the size and nature of the school the following areas normally require our school cleaning service:Computer room
Sports halls
Outside sports clubs and facilities
Common rooms
Staff rooms/offices
Reception areas
Class rooms
Changing rooms
Window cleaningWe also provide the following additional school cleaning services:Pressure washing for grounds
Stripping and repolishing hard floors
Scrubber dryer machining for hard floors such as changing room floors and gym floors
Hot water extraction cleaning for carpets and fabrics
Upholstery and curtain cleaning
Steam cleaning for kitchen areasWe also carry out a Risk Assessment if required for any aspect of the cleaning process.


Our specialist comprehensive insurance cover provides Public Liability Cover of up to £2,000,000, Products Liability Cover of up to £2,000,000, Employers Liability Cover of up to £10,000,000. Cover includes damage to property being worked up to and treatment risks as well as loss of customer’s keys or consequential loss there from to £50,000.

Of course we would hope no claims were made but it is important for you to know if something went wrong you were fully covered. In any case we have never had any claims made against us. A copy of our insurance is given to anyone requesting a FREE, no obligation quote.

Often the buildings worked upon are old and require a more vigorous approach to cleaning. Our unique system quickly determines ‘difficult or stubborn’ areas which are attacked at the outset insuring a consistent standard for old and new buildings alike.

If your type of property does not appear on this list, it’s because we don’t have the space to list them all – we are available as contract cleaners for any type of office or commercial premises within all London boroughs.

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