Professional Bar Cleaning Services in London

Master Cleaners are specialists in bar cleaning services in and around the London area. If you’re a bar or wine bar owner you know how important it is for your business to maintain a clean, hygienic and healthy premises for both your staff and clientele.

Hiring a specialist contract cleaning company takes the daily pressures away from having to manage in house staff and oversee them to ensure it’s done properly, leaving you free to work on more important matters for your business.

Contract Bar Cleaning Services

Our team of specialist bar cleaners have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining premises like yours. We tailor our services to meet your particular needs, however a typical bar cleaning schedule would include:

  • Cleaning all the bar stools and legs.
  • Cleaning and polishing the bar area.
  • Clean and polishing the tables chairs and chair legs.
  • Ensuring the toilets and washrooms are cleaned to a high standard.
  • Cleaning and polishing all the mirrors picture glass and frames.
  • Ensuring all vending machines and fruit machines are clean and hygienic.
  • Cleaning and dusting all walls, doors, stairs and banisters.
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of the wooden floors.

First Class Customer Service

We do all we can to make sure your business can run as smoothly as possible. We know just how to deal with common cleaning issues and unexpected mishaps that can happen in establishments like yours.

Smashed glass, spilt drinks, sticky surfaces, messy toilets and chewing gum are all common mishaps that we take in our stride.

We understand how busy London bars can get and our many long standing customers are always delighted with our contract cleaning services.

Our team follow a rigorous process that includes 75 checks, our quality control is extremely high. We are fully insured to cover any mishaps that may happen and our customer service is second to none.

We’re capable of hour of hours cleaning and on hand when you need us.

High Bar Ceilings? No problem!

With high ceilings comes the problem of high level dusting. This must not be overlooked because it potentially poses a health hazard. As access is difficult this area tends to get overlooked and as a consequence often stores large volumes of dust that can fall down in small quantities onto food often unnoticed.

Our long range equipment is the perfect solution to this problem.

Wooden Floor Maintenance: keeping them looking spectacular

Wooden floors need special care to look their best. A proper maintenance program needs to be incorporated into the cleaning schedule specifically for this.

The wooden floor should be swept and mopped daily and polished frequently. The frequency of polish depends on the volume of traffic but typically can range from once weekly to every day.

Polishing is important for two reasons. Firstly it gives the floor a shiny appearance because the polymers in the polish reflect light. Secondly the polish acts as a protective layer between the soles of people’s shoes and the floor varnish.

If too little polish is applied the floor is inadequately protected and will become damaged but if too much polish is applied the floor will darken and will eventually go black.

By monitoring your floor on a daily basis our experienced cleaners will get the balance right for your floor.

Our Top Bar Cleaning Tips

Always use non slip floor polish to avoid safety hazards.

When mopping a wooden floor use lemon gel floor cleaner. This does not dull the polish as an ordinary floor cleaner would and has a neutral PH.

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If your type of property does not appear on this list, it’s because we don’t have the space to list them all – we are available as contract bar cleaners for any type of office or commercial premises within all London boroughs.

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