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Hotel Cleaning Service London – Hotel Housekeeping Agency

Hotel cleaning company in London with our team of fully-trained professionals

Master Cleaners offer specialist hotel cleaning services in London, our housekeeping agency staff have worked in hotels across London for over a decade. Thanks to having a large team of highly experienced, certified hotel cleaners, we can handle all your cleaning requirements, ensuring your hotel retains its excellent reputation for cleanliness and hygiene.

We offer professional hospitality commercial cleaning services to hotels in every London borough, from small boutique hotels to large chain hotels. Because we aim to set the standard for hotel contract cleaning companies in London, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with our hotel housekeeping services that we offer a money-back guarantee (subject to Terms and Conditions) to back up our claims.

If you want to maintain a professional image and a high standard of cleanliness without having to manage and pay an entire cleaning department, call Master Cleaners, one of London’s most highly recommended hotel housekeeping companies.

High-Value, Professional London Based Hospitality Cleaning Services

Ensuring your guests have a comfortable stay at your hotel is imperative, which makes hotel cleaning in London essential. Most areas, such as the guest rooms, hallways and communal areas, require dusting and vacuuming daily. Some areas, such as dining areas and kitchens, need deep cleaning so that you can comply with hygiene standards. Thanks to our hospitality cleaning services, you can leave the task of cleaning to a team of specialists, enabling you to focus on your core business.

We’re a hotel cleaning agency that leaves no stone unturned. We create a bespoke, 75-point plan to make sure your London hotel cleaner covers every nook and cranny of your establishment. We can also work on a flexible schedule to make sure nothing disturbs your employees or guests.

Our Range of Hotel Cleaning Services in London

We offer a comprehensive range of hotel cleaning services in London to make sure we’re the only company you need to keep your establishment looking pristine. We use eco-friendly solutions and techniques to minimise our carbon footprint. As a result, our hotel linen cleaning services can help you reduce your utility bills.

At a glance, our contract hotel cleaning services can include:

  • Cleaning all hotel guest rooms on a daily basis.
  • Cleaning & changing bed linen.
  • Cleaning gym & gym equipment areas.
  • Regular deep cleaning as required.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming walkways, stairways and common areas.
  • Cleaning and polishing the lobby & guest reception areas.
  • Cleaning all the bar stools, seats and legs in your restaurant or bar.
  • Cleaning and polishing the bar area.
  • Cleaning all curtains & upholstery as needed.
  • Clean and polishing tables, chairs and chair legs.
  • Ensuring the toilets and washrooms are cleaned to a high standard.
  • Cleaning and polishing all the mirrors picture glass and frames.
  • Cleaning and dusting all walls, doors, stairs and banisters.
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of wooden floors.
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of dance floors.
  • Polishing and cleaning of the general displays, separators & walls.
  • Ensuring cloakrooms are clean and orderly.
  • Cleaning & sanitising the kitchen to meet hygiene standards.

Learn more about our contracted housekeeping services by calling us today.

Providing Hotel Cleaning Services to Small Boutiques through to Large Chains

We’re a large hotel housekeeping agency in London that still holds on to traditional values. As such, we offer exceptional customer service, and no task is beyond our capabilities regardless of scope. We offer expert hotel cleaning services to B&Bs, small boutiques, hostels, large hotels and chains.
Every hotel cleaner at Master Cleaners is fully trained to clean any area of your hotel, including the bedrooms, health centre, lobby, bar and restaurant. We use commercial cleaning solutions to extend the lifespan of furnishings, linens, carpets and floors. Moreover, we’re a hotel cleaning company in London that can ensure your serving areas and kitchens always comply with the most stringent hygiene standards.

The Benefits of Using a Hotel Housekeeping Agency to Manage Your Cleaning Requirements

Running a hotel involves cleaning guest rooms, hallways, leisure facilities and communal areas daily. For that reason, you might think hiring a team of in-house hotel cleaners makes sense. However, if you outsource to hotel cleaners, you can mitigate financial risks to your business, improve your standards of hygiene and save time. Partner with a hotel housekeeping agency, and you can focus on what you do best without having to worry about cleaning.

Hotel cleaning companies allow you to scale your cleaning requirements, ensuring you only ever pay for what you need. At Master Cleaners, we also have strict green initiatives in place. And, our guarantees are unbeatable.

A Hotel Cleaning Agency in London That Guarantees Results

We hold ourselves to high standards, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee (subject to Terms and Conditions) to back up our promise that we will leave your hotel free of stains, dust and dirt on a daily basis. Even though we’re a highly experienced hotel cleaning agency in London, our hotel housekeeping specialists undergo constant training to remain on top of the latest cleaning techniques and equipment. Better still, we’re one of the most competitively priced hotel housekeeping agencies that provides full coverage within the M25 area.

Call the Expert London Hotel Cleaning Company Today

We’ve now been a top-rated housekeeper agency in London for hotels for over a decade. And, despite our reputation for excellence and large portfolio of clients, we truly believe we’re the best-value London hotel cleaning company. Find out more about the benefits of our cleaning and support services by getting in touch. We’ll gladly explain how we set the standard for hotel housekeeping cleaning companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean a hotel room in a hotel?

It typically takes a hotel housekeeping agency around 30 minutes to prepare a room for new guests or clean it from top to bottom following a departure. Daily cleaning for stay overs can take between 20 and 30 minutes. An inexperienced hotel cleaner may require over an hour to clean a room that complies with hygiene standards.

What are the duties of a hotel housekeeper?

A hotel cleaner usually handles tasks such as making beds, changing and cleaning linens, replacing used towels, cleaning carpets, disinfecting bathrooms and providing new toiletries. A hotel cleaning agency may offer a range of additional services, such as professional carpet, kitchen and restaurant cleaning.

What are the steps to cleaning a hotel room?

To clean a hotel room in preparation for a guest, a hotel cleaner must strip the beds while inspecting for signs of damage. Then, they remove rubbish and old linens and towels from the room before dusting and wiping down all hard surfaces. A professional hotel cleaning company should also disinfect bathrooms and replace toiletries and minibar products.


All housekeeping staff work exclusively for Master Cleaners Ltd.

Any attempt to solicit any of our housekeeping staff under any circumstances, if successful will result in legal action for damages, the measure of these damages will be 1 year’s loss of profit for that particular housekeeper based on an average hourly weekly shift.

By engaging our housekeepers within Master Cleaners Ltd you have fully understood our terms & conditions and any implications arising from them.

Hotel Cleaners

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