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Nightclub Cleaning London

Nightclub cleaning services in London with our team of fully-trained professionals

Master Cleaners are specialists in cleaning Nightclubs in London. Our highly skilled and trained staff are able to clean your busy premises to a high standard. As a busy nightclub owner, you’ll know how important it is to keep you establishment looking clean and hygienic, especially the toilets and bar area, that’s why you need our help, to allow you to get on with other tasks and run your business.

Why Do I Need Contract Cleaning For My Nightclub?

When you sign up for a Master Cleaners contract deal, you no longer need to worry about booking nightclub cleaners or sorting out the cleanliness yourself.

By the time we have started working for you, we will already have performed a full audit and laid out exactly what needs doing. This can, of course, be changed to accommodate new or reduced needs, but in the first instance it lets us tell you transparently what we intend to do. It then forms the basis for our cleaners’ check-list in their daily or weekly routines. Request an audit today.

Now you’ve seen how we can help you, it makes good sense to get the ball rolling and let us audit your premises to assess your needs. Then we can agree on a price and take a huge load off your mind.

Bespoke Contract Nightclub Cleaning Services

No two clients are ever the same! We offer a wide range of cleaning services and options for your nightclub. Our contract cleaning services can include:

  • Cleaning all the bar stools, seats and legs.
  • Cleaning and polishing the bar area.
  • Cleaning all curtains & upholstery as needed.
  • Clean and polishing the tables chairs and chair legs.
  • Ensuring the toilets and washrooms are cleaned to a high standard.
  • Cleaning and polishing all the mirrors picture glass and frames.
  • Cleaning and dusting all walls, doors, stairs and banisters.
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of the wooden floors.
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of the dance floors floors.
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of the chill out rooms.
  • Polishing and cleaning of the general displays, separators & walls.
  • Ensuring cloakrooms are clean and orderly.
  • Cleaning & sanitising the kitchen to meet hygiene standards.

First Class Customer Service

We do all we can to make sure your nightclub can run as smoothly as possible. We know just how to deal with common cleaning issues and unexpected mishaps that can happen in establishments like yours.

Smashed glass, spilt drinks, sticky surfaces, messy toilets and chewing gum are all common mishaps that we take in our stride.

If you are interested in working with us, call us on 0845 071 1397 and we will provide you with a free tailored quote for your nightclub.

Our Top Nightclub Cleaning Tips

Always use non slip floor polish to avoid safety hazards.

When mopping a wooden floor use lemon gel floor cleaner. This does not dull the polish as an ordinary floor cleaner would and has a neutral PH.

Please visit our home page for more information about our office cleaning and contract cleaning solutions for your London business. Or contact our team today to learn more about our pub cleaning service.

If your type of property does not appear on this list, it’s because we don’t have the space to list them all – we are available as contract bar cleaners for any type of office or commercial premises within all London boroughs. Click here to see our full list of cleaning service areas.

We would love to work with you and it’s easy to get a free quote from us by completing the contact form below…

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Nightclub Cleaners London

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We would love to work with you and it’s easy to get a free quote.

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