Fact Finding Survey

Master Cleaners Ltd throughout 2014 underwent an extensive fact finding review of its operating procedures and methods.

This took the form of a fact finding survey which included a broad section of companies throughout the UK who use contract cleaning services with contracts of more than 4 months still left to run.

Statistics were also compiled from a wide variety of sources including government figures and professional bodies.

This review ended on 16th November 2014 and confirmed that we are in the top 3% of all UK cleaning companies when it comes to customer retention with an average retention of 4.36 years per customer.

However, the survey also concluded that many potential customers would require some form of guarantee regarding complaints. Also existing customers expected some financial benefit for recommending us.

Of those included in the survey, over 85% said they would rather choose cleaners who could read and write English as opposed to 10% who said this did not matter. 5% could not decide either way.

More than 46% of those polled said they would pay more if the service improved but were reluctant unless the service improved first.

The highest level of dissatisfaction amongst those included in the survey came from the companies that chose the cheapest quote. Only 16% of those who chose the cheapest quote were happy with the standard of service they were getting. Of the unhappy 84% more than 60% said they would be changing cleaning companies shortly. The remaining 40% of the unhappy group said they would like to change but not if it meant spending more.

Amongst those polled, 54% only had a vague idea of what the cleaners should be doing in terms of cleaning tasks. Of the remaining 46% who said they knew only 3.5% of those could tell accurately what the cleaning tasks were when tested.

Of those polled in the survey 62.34% said they would insist on an accredited Quality Control System such as ISO 9000 and 59.83% said they would only choose a company with a recognised Health & Safety accreditation.

Of those included in the survey, 96% said they would only use a company who had insurance cover. However only 26% of these knew what particular type of cover applied. Furthermore of these 96% only 6% could accurately tell what level of cover was adequate in a particular circumstance.

Of those surveyed, customer dissatisfaction was nearly twice as high from those cleaners who lived greater than a 4 mile distance away compared to cleaners that lived locally.

The survey covered many other areas benefiting our internal control procedures and methods but the ones mentioned above specifically relate to customer concerns.

We have altered our Terms & Conditions to address these concerns.

Our new Terms & Conditions do not apply retrospectively but only to contracts signed from 2016 onwards.

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