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Permanent Placement Kitchen Porter & Kitchen Staff Agency London

Kitchen porters in London – all fully-trained professional kitchen staff.

Kitchen porters are an essential member of any restaurants team. We are your go to kitchen porter agency in London, providing highly trained and experienced kitchen porter staff for London hotels and restaurants. Save yourself and your business valuable time and effort by using Master Cleaners pre-selected, highly qualified, kitchen agency staff who will become permanent and valuable members of your team.

Kitchen Porter Agency London

  • We supply experienced London based kitchen porters for companies that don’t want to go through the process of hiring and managing their own kitchen porters themselves, effectively taking away the hassle.
  • Our kitchen porters are available to clean your kitchens overnight if required
  • We are looking to form a long-term permanent relationship with our customers, but you are not tied into any contract as we operate purely on a good will basis.
  • Each kitchen porter requirement is for a minimum of 35 hours a week.
  • You are only charged for the hours worked by our kitchen porter.
  • The week runs from Monday – Sunday and you are invoiced weekly on the
  • Monday for the previous week ended Sunday – payment is on receipt.
  • We offer a no quibble guarantee – if you are unhappy with any kitchen porter, we will change him for you.
  • You will also have access to a dedicated supervisor who will manage any changes in shifts you require, keep timesheets, replace under-performing kitchen porters, and arrange for substitute kitchen porters to cover holidays and illness.
  • You will also have access to our Head Office and customer service team.
  • You can cancel the service at any time by giving 1 weeks’ notice.
  • If you wish to go ahead with our kitchen porter service, we will need the shifts required and a start date, or if you would like a chat first please get in touch.

Comprehensive Kitchen Porter Service in London

Wherever in London your business is located (within the M25), we can get you a skilled kitchen porter to fit any size or style of restaurant or eating establishment. Our kitchen agency staff are guaranteed to meet the needs of any busy restaurant or hotel kitchen when you need them most. The flow of a kitchen is one of the most important pieces of jigsaw in having a highly successful restaurant. That flow is primarily dependent on a tight nit team that understands the fast-paced nature of top-quality hospitality. Our team of London kitchen porters and agency kitchen staff members have worked in some of the most prestigious and busy kitchen environments in London, so they will not let you down and will add massive value.

Our highly trained staff are more than just kitchen porters there to collect a wage by the hour. They are professionals ready to provide important time-consuming tasks such as:

  • Constantly seeing to the disposal of kitchen waste
  • Operation and cleanliness of equipment such as dishwashers
  • Proper cleaning and storage for crockery and cutlery
  • Successful operation of equipment meeting with all guidelines provided in the manufacture’s handbook
  • Heavy duty and deep cleaning of surfaces, utensils and equipment
  • Assisting the chef, kitchen and front of house staff with heavy lifting

In order to retain one of our coveted kitchen porter positions, all staff are required to attend regular training courses to ensure perfect compliance with the highest standards of kitchen and personal hygiene. All of our agency kitchen staff have been diligently trained and our qualified in the following:

  • Up to date health and safety practices
  • COSHH compliance
  • Recurring courses in emergency procedures and awareness (Please note our agency is not responsible for breakages under our special offer kitchen porter agencies agreement)

Why Work with Master Cleaners and use our Kitchen Porters?

  • Our service doesn’t require a formal contract, we don’t believe in tying in our customers into a formal contract and would rather our work speak for itself.
  • Our main aim is to create long term relationships with our clients who are happy to be reliant on us based on the quality of our kitchen porters, our overall service and competitive pricing.
  • We also guarantee to beat any price!
  • We only employ full time kitchen porter staff to service our client’s kitchen requirements. That’s why our kitchen porters are highly attentive, professional and go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% happy with the work they provide for your business.

Hire a London Kitchen Porter – No Interviews Necessary

Looking at hiring a kitchen porter in London? Leave the hard part to us. We select only the most experienced and proven agency kitchen staff for your establishment. This enables our clients to utilise our highly trained and professional team of London kitchen porters to quickly help fill the gap in staffing without having to search for employees or conduct interviews. Losing a kitchen staff member doesn’t have to grind your business to a halt. Don’t lose a moment, at our kitchen porter agency in London we have a team of London based kitchen porter’s and kitchen staff ready and waiting to jump into your team at a moment’s notice. Contact us through email or call our friendly team for a free quote!

Top Notch Kitchen Porter Staff Agency London

We have decades of experience being a highly successful kitchen porter agency in London by selecting only the finest kitchen porters and agency kitchen staff London has to offer. No need to spend hours searching and posting job ads like “kitchen porter required”. Just tell us know your needs and we will arrange a placement with one of our talented and dedicated kitchen agency staff members. After all, it can be hard to find good help these days. All that’s required is a minimum of 35 hours per week contract for our kitchen porter service in London and we have you covered.

Do You Have a Valued Kitchen Porter Staff Member Taking Leave?

It’s not always opportune to hire and train new staff when you have a kitchen porter or kitchen staff member taking leave that you know will be coming back in the near future. Master Cleaners has the answer! No need to search and interview for a valid candidate, then go through the rigours of training, only to let them go when your team member returns from leave. You can use our London kitchen porter services for as little as a 35-hour work week. Does an employee have a family emergency? Contact us. A valued staff member taking maternity leave? We’re here to support you with our kitchen agency staff at any time you need.

We Take Pride in Our London Kitchen Porter Agency Customer Service

We understand the hospitality industry here in Central London. Through the years the kitchen porter agency part of our business has developed an extensive list of return customers who rely on our extraordinary agency kitchen staff and kitchen porters. Many of our kitchen porters have worked for some of our clients for years and have become integral permanent members of their kitchen staff. We are a fully insured London kitchen porter agency offering talented kitchen porter staff on a per hour basis (minimum 35 hours per work week required). Contact us for information, competitive rates and a free quote from our kitchen porter agency London.

Full Time Placement London Kitchen Porter & Kitchen Agency Staff Available Now

Kitchen porter jobs can be a hard one to fill last minute. The time and effort required to find someone decent with good working experience within the industry can really slow things down. That’s where Master Cleaners can help. Don’t waste time posting job listings for looking for full-time kitchen porter staff and conducting lots of time-consuming interviews and only interviewing candidates who don’t meet your requirements.

Contact us today, we have the ideal London based fully trained and qualified kitchen porter agency staff member you need to fill that gap today. We are so confident you will be highly impressed with our kitchen porter and their level of service; you will more than likely want to make them a permanent fixture within your tightly knitted team. Whether you need someone today or are just on a search for information about how easy it is to hire a Master Cleaners kitchen porter, our London kitchen porter agency are here at your disposal.

Looking for a Leading London Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Near You?

Commercial kitchen cleaning is our specialty. We’ve been providing kitchen cleaning services in the London area for more than two decades. Hygiene is paramount in food service, and we understand that completely. A commercial kitchen requires a higher level of attention to cleanliness, due to the volume alone. Now is the time to call us in and make your life easier – leave the scrubbing and cleaning to us!

Is Your Kitchen Porter Staff Member Just Not Working Out?

If something isn’t working out, fix it. The same goes for a kitchen staff member who isn’t working out, get rid of them. Don’t make the mistake of keeping a bad apple on a good team because you don’t have the time to search for a replacement. Our highly trained kitchen porter London based staff is required to have been working specifically in the hospitality industry for years before they qualify for a position with Master Cleaners, contact us today to find out more.

Want To Know More?

Contact our team today to learn more about our kitchen porter staffing agency.
We would love to work with you and it’s easy to get a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a kitchen porter’s duties and responsibility?

Kitchen porters are responsible for keeping restaurant or hotel kitchens neat and tidy by carrying out basic cleaning tasks as efficiently as possible. Typical duties include collecting and washing up pots and pans as well as cleaning cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery. They must also disinfect food preparation areas in line with strict protocols and hygiene standards.

What skills does a good kitchen porter need?

When you hire a kitchen porter, you should ensure they’re a fast learner with the ability to remain on their feet for long hours. They must also be familiar with health and safety rules as well as hygiene protocols. A good kitchen porter shouldn’t require supervision, and they ought to have exceptional organisational skills.

Why should I use the Master Cleaner’s kitchen porter service?

Master Cleaners provides kitchen porter staff solutions at the best prices in London, with no lengthy contracts. We guarantee to beat any quote despite that they never outsource. All Master Cleaners’ kitchen porters are employed in-house, fully trained and certified. This top-rated kitchen porter service agency will also create a bespoke cleaning schedule and checklist to meet your unique requirements.

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