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Restaurant Cleaning & Commercial Deep Kitchen Cleaning Service London

Restaurant cleaners in London including deep kitchen cleaning services.

If you own and operate a London restaurant you have no doubt looked into different restaurant cleaning services over the years. Obviously, it’s imperative that your restaurant and kitchen adheres to the rigorous industry hygiene standards and is as clean as your food is delicious. Here at Master Cleaners, we offer a highly professional and dedicated commercial kitchen cleaning service in London for restaurants of all shapes and sizes, giving our London based clients a great deep kitchen cleaning service and reassurance that their kitchens are cleaned to the highest standards available in the industry. Our experienced specialists receive rigorous training to ensure they understand what it means to deep clean. With over 25 years of experience, Master Cleaners are one of the leading commercial kitchen cleaning companies in London.

  • We don’t do deep kitchen cleaning as a one off – you must be a regular customer contracted for a minimum of 10 hours a week already.
  • We only do kitchen deep clean work for existing customers
  • Also, if you take advantage of our kitchen porter services your regular front or back of house cleaning will receive a discount

Some of our clients rely heavily on our London deep clean kitchen service to not only because they are run off their feet serving more than 1000 meals a day, but to also help keep a pristine and comfortable working kitchen environment for their employees. In our experience if your kitchen is consistently clean, your employees are more likely to keep it that way.

London Restaurant Cleaning Services

We can of course undertake the entire cleaning schedule at your restaurant and kitchen. But we do also offer a bespoke cleaning options for our restaurant cleaning service clients throughout London, so you can choose which part of the schedule you would like us to deep clean and what areas you would like to clean in house. With a minimum contract of just 10 hours per week, it’s affordable to hire our reliable, effective team of London deep clean kitchen specialists to undertake those annoying troublesome tasks.

Bespoke Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning

With years of experience in kitchen cleaning services in London, our extensive team of commercial kitchen cleaners are fully prepared and equipped to make your restaurant shine and be the envy of your competitors. The busier your restaurant the better, we can handle any workload you throw at us.

You can pick and choose what parts of your business you would like us to address. For example, a typical commercial kitchen cleaning package could include:

  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • General Deep Cleaning (front of house)
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Canopy Cleaning
  • Over Hood/ Extractor Fan Cleaning

Our front of house (areas for customers) cleaning tasks might include the following:

  • Umbrella & canopy cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning all curtains & upholstery as needed
  • Clean and polishing the tables chairs and chair legs
  • Ensuring the toilets and washrooms are cleaned to a high standard
  • Cleaning and polishing all the mirrors picture glass and frames
  • Cleaning and dusting all walls, doors, stairs and banisters
  • Mopping, polishing and cleaning of the wooden floors

Benefits of Master Cleaners Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning Service

  • We don’t hold our clients to formal contracts, we prefer our restaurant and kitchen cleaning do the talking instead.
  • Bespoke service so we fully understand your restaurants unique cleaning requirements.
  • We offer affordability, while at the same time increasing your restaurant and kitchens cleaning standards.
  • We create a custom cleaning schedule which will completing satisfy your requirements using our bespoke software system.
  • Ability to listen and treat each client’s unique requirements and pay full attention to even the smallest details.
  • All our restaurant and kitchen cleaning staff have full time positions at Master Cleaners, which means they are fully dedicated, loyal, committed, well paid and take great pride in their work.

Exceptional Customer Service to Help with Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

Master Cleaners is here to be the solution to your restaurants cleaning needs. Your commercial kitchen cleaning problems are our problems and we hold our customer service to the same exceptionally high standards as we do hygiene. When it comes to restaurant cleaning, London with its bustling streets and busy pubs, can be a challenge. Our restaurant cleaning company with its meticulous 75 check mark system and exceptionally well-trained staff will ensure we can tackle any kitchen nightmare you face. Sticky surfaces and floors, chewing gum under the seat, shards of glass… Our team will notice and address every detail.

Out of Hours London Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning Service

It’s hard to deep clean a kitchen and maintain a high level of hygiene when it’s open and you’re handling a high volume, packed out restaurant. To address this need, we offer out of hours restaurant cleaning. Schedule our cleaning services to work through the night, so you and your staff don’t have to.

High Ceilings are No Problem for Our London Restaurant Cleaning Team

High ceilings give that alluring opulence that attracts the sophisticated customer, but it does come with its own commercial kitchen cleaning challenges. That’s where Master Cleaners comes in. We pay an exceptional attention to detail and our highly extendable tools to get the job done. Dust can be a health hazard and the last thing you want is a clump of dust falling into a customer’s dish. Our long-range extendable cleaning equipment will ensure that this situation never happens. Book some hours with our London Restaurant Cleaning service today and see your yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Deep Clean a London Restaurant & Kitchen?

Our Restaurant kitchen cleaning package costs depend on the size of the establishment, maximum occupancy and other factors such as what services you require. For example: a fish and chips restaurant will require different equipment and skills and man hours compared to a large 100-seater steakhouse restaurant. The cost of our Kitchen deep cleaning in London also varies depending on where you are located (we cover anywhere within the M25). Our restaurant kitchen cleaning services can scale to any size, shape or form. Whatever your kitchen needs, our high standards and highly trained London based deep kitchen cleaning professionals are up to the task. Please get in contact today and speak to one of our friendly customer service team to find out more about our different packages.

Deep Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Equipment Such as Extractors and Hoods

We take commercial kitchen extraction cleaning seriously. Your kitchen equipment is the backbone of your restaurant. You can count on us, our kitchen deep clean (London) service will take every precaution when handling your equipment. Everything will be clean and in its right place.

Looking for a Leading London Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Near You?

Commercial kitchen cleaning is our specialty. We’ve been providing kitchen cleaning services in the London area for more than two decades. Hygiene is paramount in food service, and we understand that completely. A commercial kitchen requires a higher level of attention to cleanliness, due to the volume alone. Now is the time to call us in and make your life easier – leave the scrubbing and cleaning to us!

How Often Should a Commercial London Kitchen Be Deep Cleaned?

We offer a wide range of packages for commercial deep cleaning in London to suit restaurants of any style or size. Dependent on size and how busy you are, your establishment may only require deep kitchen cleaning once or maybe two times per week. Many of our customers require our services for both kitchen and general deep cleaning nightly. We know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently every time with no cutting corners, no excuses, no hidden costs – just top of the line commercial kitchen cleaning. Our dedicated team of hygiene-oriented professionals are ready and waiting to take on your restaurant with the latest techniques and equipment. Our services are scalable to meet any budget, venue or size.

Contact the Best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Company in London for a Quote Today!

We know it’s a bold statement, but we do consider ourselves to be the number one commercial kitchen cleaning company in London. We know we have the experience, training, staff, qualifications and happy clients to back up this claim. Make your restaurant cleaning situation a dream come true and contact us to get a quote for the perfect, tailored London kitchen/restaurant cleaning package, so our cleaning team can meet the unique needs and requirements of your establishment.

Restaurant Cleaners London

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should a restaurant kitchen be cleaned?

You should clean your restaurant kitchen after every use and always keep food preparation areas and cooking equipment disinfected. According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, you must have a cleaning protocol in place to ensure your kitchen remains in line with hygiene standards. You must also hire a professional restaurant cleaning company to deep clean your kitchen biannually at the minimum.

How do you deep clean a commercial kitchen?

First, you should use a vacuum and mop to remove loose dust and hard dirt from your floors. Then, use a heavy-duty cleaning solution to disinfect them. You also need to clean and disinfect ovens, extractor fans, filters, grills, fryers, food preparation surfaces and all your appliances. That’s why many restaurants hire a commercial kitchen cleaning company for deep cleaning.

What should a restaurant cleaning schedule include?

Sanitising, cleaning and disinfecting your restaurant kitchen in line with the relevant hygiene regulations is essential, which is why your schedule should include cleaning appliances and cooking equipment, wiping down the walls, and disinfecting food preparation and waste disposal areas. You can make life easier by hiring London restaurant cleaning services that will create a bespoke schedule for you.

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