Master Cleaners Reviews

Our operation meant we were using several cleaning companies to meet the cleaning needs of our branches in London. Also the cleaning standards were very inconsistent from one branch to the next. We wanted one company to provide consistently good cleaning for every branch. After receiving tenders we short listed 4 companies. We gave it to Master Cleaners for three reasons. Firstly they were the only company to offer a money back guarantee. Secondly their 10% commission for recommendations that became contracts was very appealing because of our branches. Thirdly their plan to take over each site in a timely and orderly manner with the least upheaval. We would recommend then to anyone (and not just for the 10% commission).

Yiannis Christodolou
Area Manager
Restaurant Chain

We wanted to streamline our operations for efficiency and cost so one aspect that came under consideration was the cleaning. We were using 3 cleaning companies to manage our cleaning. This was because each lacked the resources to undertake the job solely. We employed Master Cleaners because we felt confident they had the right training and appropriate equipment and know how to meet this challenge. Our Contract with them is up for renewal shortly and we have no hesitation in renewing it.

Frank Butterworth
Leisure Centre
Greenwich, London

We used to clean the school by hiring cleaners ourselves until we started using Contract Cleaners the last 2 years. Master Cleaners are the third cleaning company and at the moment we are very satisfied. Their Cleaning Schedule is the most comprehensive one we have ever had where nothing is overlooked.

Steven Byrne
Bow, London

The quality of cleaning we were getting meant we were getting complaints from our customers particularly in the washroom and toilet department. Also the amount of chewing gum on the carpets was a cause for concern. We looked at several new cleaning companies and chose Master Cleaners for their money back guarantee and at that time they were also offering 2 weeks free trial. We switched last year and have had no complaints since.

Mustafa Khan
Cinema Manager
Edgware, London

I took on Master Cleaners because of their Money Back Guarantee. I resented paying my previous cleaners for cleaning tasks that were consistently not being done. With Master Cleaners the cleaners do not get paid if tasks are omitted and I get my money back. Needless to say the cleaning has improved no end and I would recommend them to anyone.

Patrick Underwood
Nightclub Manager
Soho, London

We have used Master Cleaners to clean our facilities for the past five years and have recently elected to renew our contract with them for three reasons. First, we have developed a good relationship with the cleaners who are reliable and efficient. We are open seven days a week, 363 days a year and needed a company that could cope with those demands. Second, we’ve found their prices to be very competitive. Finally, as our centre has grown, they have been able to meet our evolving needs.

Audrey Seguy
Managing Director
The Castle Climbing Centre
London, UK

We have been using Master Cleaners since our pub was refurbished in September 1994. We have had the same cleaners since then and are very happy with the service. We find Master Cleaners very approachable and deal with any problems speedily, efficiently and with a satisfactory conclusion.

Simon Evans
Pub Landlord
Finchley, London

I live on top of the pub and was having problems with my Contract Cleaners. The standard of cleaning was poor and when I raised this with their cleaning manager I was assured it would improve time and time again but it didn’t. It would improve for a couple of days then it would slide backwards again. Also the cleaners were coming in too early around 4.00am and causing a racket which woke me up regularly. I changed to Master Cleaners about 4 months ago and have been very impressed with the systems they employ and also the cleaners never arrive before 7.00am which is what I asked for.

Linda Fields
Pub Manager
Islington, London

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