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Master Cleaners are deeply committed to the environment and that is why we are a champion eco cleaning company in London. We know how important it is to protect the environment. That’s why we make sure we do all we can to use products that are green and kind to our planet.

We don’t compromise the end effect. Whilst the products we use are gentler to the environment they are still tough on dirt removal and do a fantastic job of making your premises sparkly and clean. We know how beneficial green cleaning can be towards your own company ethos and values. Our Team know the right ethical products to use to gain the best results.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of ethical cleaning services for our clients. Get in touch now to see how we can help you.

For many years now Master Cleaners has had an environmentally friendly cleaning services policy which is ethical and sustainable.

London Eco Cleaning Services

Our team of specialist eco friendly cleaners have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining commercial London premises like yours. We tailor our eco cleaning services to meet your particular needs.

Eco Cleaning Service Highlights:

  • We use ethical and eco friendly cleaning products and materials
  • Our cleaning products are just as effective as their chemical counterparts
  • We are mindful of our use of water and are as sparing as possible
  • We only use biodegradable bin bags
  • No harsh chemicals or bleaches
  • All our cleaning materials are biodegradable
  • We encourage our clients to recycle their business waste
  • We operate a zero carbon policy

First Class Customer Service

Our many long standing and satisfied customers are always delighted with our planet friendly contract cleaning services.

Our team follow a rigorous process that includes 75 checks and our quality control is extremely high.

We are fully insured to cover any mishaps that may happen and our customer service is second to none.

We offer competitive rates and a free quote for all our clients.

We are very flexible and can arrange out of hours office cleaning services and can be on hand when you need us to be.

Reliable, Flexible & Competitively Priced, Ethical Office Cleaning Services

We always make sure our staff are punctual and reliable. We make sure our daily office cleaning service routines are crafted to suit you and your business needs.

We have had years of experience and have perfected the optimum service for our clients over the years.

We make sure we are always use the best equipment available. We thoroughly train our cleaners to use all cleaning equipment safely and effectively.

We follow the industry best practices and methods while keeping a close eye on the competition and the constantly developing new methods and techniques so we are always offering the best service in our sector.

We are proud that our company name is always associated with green and ethical services, an impeccable track record of reliability and consistency in the eco cleaning service arena.

We are well positioned to offer eco cleaning solutions for London businesses of any size.

Get in touch to see how we can help… or call us on 0845 071 1397 for a friendly chat.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Master Cleaners operate with a zero carbon footprint policy as evidenced by our affiliation to CARBON CLEAR which is the internationally recognised standard attainment company and the benchmark for obtaining zero carbon footprint accreditation.

Due to the complexities of operating eco cleaning services in London it is virtually impossible to be carbon clear organically.

Consequently the approach for any practical eco-cleaning company with a conscience is to try to minimise its carbon footprint by recognised structures & methods.

However this by itself is not enough & any eco policy must include awareness & education to enable its employees to constantly strive to reduce its carbon footprint.

Staff need to motivated & rewarded for their continuous efforts & to incentivise them for this we offer a bonus scheme depending annually which measures the current carbon footprint against the previous years.


Once we have implemented the necessary structures, methods & awareness the carbon footprint that remains is then paid for by sponsoring various organisations that need help around the world.

This “offset” is vital to understand the nature of ecology as we must understand that getting rid of carbon is a costly business but not getting rid of it is even more costly in terms of human quality of life, nature and our planet.

This sponsorship can take various forms such as helping on orphanage in Turkey to grow its own food or assisting to bring fresh water to deprived parts of Africa.

Specific Areas Affecting Your Environment


  • As much as is practical purchase environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Use vehicles which are fuel efficient & produce low CO2 emissions
  • Keep energy usage to a minimum
  • Use trigger action spray bottles where possible which can be refilled

Waste Management

  • Recycle all office paper
  • Recycle printer cartridges
  • Only use recycled paper
  • Break down & flat pack boxes & packages
  • Where possible reuse packaging for our own deliveries
  • Careful disposal of hazardous waste
  • Use email instead of hard copies

Water Usage

  • Ensure employees turn off taps
  • Encourage employees to use hand sanitizers as opposed to running water
  • Buy products which minimise environmental impact

Transport & Vehicles

  • Position employees at customer sites closest to home & where possible within walking/cycling distance
  • Employees forbidden to use private cars to work
  • Employees encouraged to use public transport in their spare time
  • Company vehicles selected to a maximum of 99g/km CO2 emissions
  • Company vehicles serviced & maintained regularly
  • Encourage sensible driving to preserve fuel-avoid sharp braking/heavy acceleration
  • Recycle engine oil
  • Keep vehicle use to essential journeys
  • Where possible avoid journeys altogether
  • Encourage walking & cycling as much as possible
  • Encourage car sharing where car journeys are essential
  • Encourage the use of Public Transport during employees spare time & their families
  • Only hiring non-smoking employees
  • Use natural ventilation as much as possible


  • Avoid cleaning at unsocial hours where possible
  • Educate cleaners to be as quiet as possible whilst cleaning by:-
    • Turning phones off
    • Avoid slamming doors
    • Lifting things rather than dragging them
    • Avoid conversation with each other unless essential
    • Ensure all machinery is switched off immediately after use


Where practical buy products which are:-

  • Reusable
  • Ozone friendly
  • Recycled
  • Durable
  • Bought in bulk to reduce packaging
  • Energy efficient
  • Low polluting
  • Not tested on animals


  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Control temperature setting times when heating is turned on and off
  • Set computers to hibernate when not in use
  • Work by daylight where this allows
  • Keep lights switched off when room not in use
  • Close blinds at night to reduce heat loss
  • Use timer temperature controls for heating
  • Use high efficient lighting


  • Encourage customers to use environmentally friendly products
  • Remove business details from lists in order to reduce junk mail

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