34 Scary Photos of The World’s Filthiest Homes

If the prospect of cleaning your home or office brings you out in a dread-induced rash, just imagine for a second the cold sweats experienced by the unlucky human beings tasked with de-griming the following filthy living spaces. The levels of squalor range from horrendously disorganised through to dangerously dirty, the reasons varied and often unknown, but to be honest its irrelevant as we’ve compiled these breathtaking photos simply as a morale boosting exercise for the tidyphobics among us. After looking at these photos you will (hopefully) be safe in the knowledge that the clutter in which you wallow is nothing compared to some of the pig-stys around the world.

If, however, your home is dirtier than any of those shown below, get some professional cleaning help. Seriously.

Okay. Hold your breath…

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11 Responses to 34 Scary Photos of The World’s Filthiest Homes

  1. Talyn says:

    Holy schitt,these photos remind me of the house a woman I met,she was 28 years old,who lived in Twin Falls Idaho,I met her at the 4th of July fireworks in Idaho Falls she invited me to Twin Falls to meet her family,her excuse was,” she has been too busy to clean her house”.

  2. Gemfyre says:

    Holy crap. How hard is it to put rubbish in a bin and put the bin out for collection?

    And I thought I was lazy…

  3. Irene says:

    Being a visiting nurse,, I have had to go into places like this .. To many times .. As you see their is money for takeout ( save money on garbage removal, hot water) Butts..saving money on no house cleaning products air freshner) The thing is these people are sick and do not relize this is a problem. I have had to report things like this to the board of health and the people that own the houses just dont see it, Hording is a big problem. One place was was cleaned out by the board sending people in because the old woman that lived their ended up in the hosp. Anemia from fleas,, They found that out when the police went to the house to get her little sick dog and went running out of the house after being attacks by fleas.. Makes ya think how many people are like this ,,

  4. Shaan says:

    Are these homes or garbage dumping place? Lol

  5. Leaha says:

    I’d say a good portion of those are hoarders. They aren’t just messy people, they compulsively hold onto items and can’t make themselves throw it away. It’s a psychological illness.

    Some of those are downright nasty though.

  6. Kenneth M Bates says:

    Wow, each of these is a sorry display of mental health challenges. I feel for these people, as they usually are compelled to keep things of no value. It is a type of OCD called hoarding. Too sad.

  7. HollyAmison says:

    I think i see a monster coming out of 2 of those photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dre LaGuire says:

    You come over to the house of a girl you’ve started dating and you see this…


  9. Manticore says:

    I recognize the first photo, it’s from Hoarders, a show in the US, the plastic bags you see piled up on the right were filled with human excrement. She just pooped in the bags and tossed ‘em on the pile.

  10. Leisney says:

    I saw a girl in that picture. I wonder who will marry that girl.

  11. kate says:

    damn that’s a lot of whataburger cups. what up, texas

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