12 Unintentionally Hilarious Advertisements for Cleaning Products

It’s amazing the lack of foresight that some marketers show when considering how best to promote their clients product. Every one of these advertisements is real.

1. Racist Soap

Racist Soap

No comment required.


2. Princess Bleach

Princess Bleach

Drink this bleach and be transported to a wonderful butterfly meadow A.K.A. THE EMERGENCY WARD YOU SILLY GIRL.


3. Terror Soap

Terror Soap

Victorian England was a funny old place, this picture of an abused child was supposed to make you purchase soap, look at the terror on the poor child’s face.

Terror Soap 2

Terror Soap 3



4. Fresh Step Cat Litter

Fresh Step Cat Litter

This cat has just been kicked in the knackers.


5. Evil Eye Soap Balls

Evil Eye Soap Balls

I’m sure Shlomo’s balls are the key to cleanliness.

Evil Eye Soap Balls 2

Well Shlomo certainly looks happy. What are you so happy about Shlomo?

Evil Eye Soap Balls 3

Please Shlomo, please, no, No, NO!!! ARGGGGGG!!!

This face is the last thing 28% of people see before they die.


6. USA Detergent

USA Detergent

Not only does is make your clothes huggable soft, it turns you into a four armed child thief. RUN FOR THE HILLS LITTLE ONE!


7. USA “Clone” Detergent

USA “Clone” Detergent

If you use this detergent not only will it create an oversized doppelganger of your child, it will also attempt to steal their cloths; to hide its filthy, shameful body.


8. Instore Detergent Promotion

Instore Detergent Promotion

Thank you, oh mother, for the gift of life. Now get scrubbing out these skidders.


9. Fairy Soap.

Fairy soap

Do you have a little ‘Fairy’ in your home? They are renowned for their excellent personal grooming. Furthermore, this advert features an ancestor of Lassie, notice the dogs disapproving stare.


10. Eye Cleaner

Eye Cleaner

My eyes are dirty, I must remove them.


11. Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap

This woman owes her wonderful slime to generous applications of creamy white liquid.


12. Tide Washing Powder

Tide Washing Powder

The bottle is coloured red to show the tasty pork products contained within.


Special Bonus! – 4 Inappropriately named detergents.

Miss Bimbo

Ultra Slut


Super Piss

I’m sure all four leave your clothes whiter than white.

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10 Responses to 12 Unintentionally Hilarious Advertisements for Cleaning Products

  1. hahhahha OMG !! Really funny ads, Marketing people are too creative these days.. :-)

  2. TheBrazilian says:

    The 2nd one isn’t actually an ad. Its title translate to something like “Wake-up stories” and it’s a government warning on leaving cleaning products accessible to children. I guess it’s from Portugal. Anyhow, great post! Lols were had :P

  3. giri says:

    very funny :-) nice ads

  4. a finn says:

    The last one, “superpiss” is actually a windshield cleaning liquid. Pissapoika (lit “peeing boy”) is what they call the windshield washer in finnish.

  5. Tozé says:

    Yeah, the second one is a somewhat ironic warning on the risk of leaving dangerous chemicals such as bleach within the reach of children.

    The first logo on the bottom right of the poster is for INEM, which is the Portuguese integrated emergency medical service.

  6. kide- says:

    The Last one…Super Piss is actually windshield washer fluid from Finland.

  7. Fred says:

    There was a tooth paste sold in Hong kong and the far east in the middle 80′s under the label of Darky Toothpaste. Yes it did have a picture of a black guy in top hat with sparkling teeth

  8. Alex says:

    The second set of arms in picture 6 are the girl’s. She is hugging herself. Nothing creepy or funny here.

  9. JMZ says:

    first one is probably what Michael Jackson used

  10. Mr X says:

    Shlomo actually looks a bit like Elvis Costello.

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