Special Offers

Kitchen Cleaning & Kitchen Porter Special Offer Throughout 2019

Master Cleaner are offering these services for an unbelievable £10.40 per hour throughout 2019

These services are subject to a minimum of 25 hours a week & no contract is required

Please note we are not responsible for breakages under our special offer kitchen porter services

If you take advantage of our Kitchen Porter Services you will also be able to get front of house general restaurant cleaning at a reduced rate of £10.40 per hour

Month Trial At 50% Discount

Throughout 2019 we are offering a 1 month trial to all new customers for general regular cleaning services (excluding kitchen porter services). Try our services for 1 month without a contract at 50% discount. After the trial if you are unhappy, you can walk away. If you wish to continue, you can without a contract or, you can sign a contract and get the first 2 months of your annual contract at half price as well as a number of other benefits. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information or contact us today.