Quirky Cleaning Services (Part Two)

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Hello, I’m Alex and I would like to share a story with you whilst working for my employer Master Cleaners.
I have been providing cleaning services at venues in London for Master Cleaners.

I’ve never really done office cleaning and most of my jobs were cleaning restaurants, pubs or night clubs.
This particular venue was a night club and what made this night club particularly quirky was the flooring.

The floors were finished in wax paste using different coloured wax paste per area.

This particular venue presented a huge challenge and many cleaning contractors had tried to solve the wax paste floor puzzle and all had failed.

Now it was our turn to have a go as well as providing other general cleaning services for toilets, kitchens, staff and common areas.

We were on a month’s trial to enable us to sort out teething problems which inevitably arise from this type of contract.

The wax paste floors presented a fourfold problem.

  • Firstly the method was going to be used to apply the paste
  • Secondly once the paste was down it had to be heated to a certain temperature
  • Thirdly was the problem of getting the paste to dry in sufficient time
  • Fourthly was the problem of cleaning the paste floor in between applications

It took us about a week to get it right and we had to thank the owners for their patience

Ultimately we used paint brushes to apply the wax which was then heated to the right temperature using a slow speed floor machine with white floor pads.

We dried the floor using a carpet drying machine and cleaned the floor in between applications with white spirit and cloths which was no mean feat as the total floor area was 10000 square feet.

The first week was a total disaster as we endeavoured to get the balance and consistency right.

All staff and customers ended up with wax paste at the bottom of their shoes which they carried throughout the building and left footprints everywhere.

The dance floor became a skating rink as the paste was very slippery and a few accidents occurred.

The motto of this story is stop waxing lyrical about how good your cleaning services are or you could be in for a pasting.

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