Quirky Cleaning Services Part Three

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Hello I’m Betty and have been working for Master Cleaners for a number of years.
I would like to share some shocking experiences I have had to deal with whilst providing cleaning services for my employer

Lock Out

One evening whilst cleaning offices I heard a strange noise outside so I went out to have a look.

A pizza delivery man was trying to jump start his moped but wasn’t having much luck so he eventually gave up and started to eat the pizza he was supposed to deliver as it was getting very cold.

He offered me a piece so I gladly accepted and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Yummy and now back to work, well not quite as I had left the keys to the door in the office and found myself locked out of the building.

Disgusting Matter

Cleaning night clubs is probably the hardest & dirtiest of cleaning jobs. Three or four hundred people getting out of their heads till five in the morning on a weekend.

You can imagine the cocktail produced which includes vomit, broken glass, fights, accidents, condoms and sometimes people becoming unconscious and needing medical treatment.

I thought I had seen it all until on one clean in the early hours I came across the crowning glory of dirtiest jobs.
Whilst cleaning the toilets someone had actually gone to the toilet with the seat down leaving faeces on top of the seat cover which needed to be cleaned. Whether it was deliberate or the act of someone in a drunken stupor I can only guess.

Cleaning Accidents Do Happen

Floor buffing is something every cleaner will need to do at some point.

To describe it as simply as possible, it’s using a rotary floor machine with a removal drive board which has a soft removal circular pad fitted that spins according to the speed of the machine.

For safety reasons one must never attempt to engage the drive board or fit the soft pad while the electricity is on

The purpose is to make a hard floor shine.

Cleaners are sometimes in a hurry.

They got up later because the alarm clock didn’t ring.
The night bus was delayed or cancelled.
Their partner or spouse got back later than usual so they couldn’t leave the child on its own unattended.
The previous cleaning job was much dirtier than usual so they couldn’t finish it at the normal time.
The lift in the office tower block had broken down and they needed to clean the offices on the 27th floor.
The security pass needed to access the building had expired so needed renewing at the security office on the premises.

On this particular occasion I was working with another cleaner called Matthew who had turned up very late.
It was his job to buff the floor but I had already started buffing as I had finished my job and wondered whether he was coming at all.

He turned up, apologised and offered to pay me for buffing half the floor.
He then started buffing but the drive board had jammed so he tilted the machine on its side to try to release it.
Unfortunately the switch on the handle hit a mop stick that was lying on the floor and the board started to spin whilst his fingers got jammed between the machine and drive board which by now was spinning at 400 RPM

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