Missed Office Cleaning Services

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Here we have an infographic that we have created highlighting Missed Office Cleaning Services.

Cleaning different establishments throughout London is both varied and challenging. Each establishment is unique and therefore requires a bespoke cleaning solution. Despite this however it’s surprising how often the same things get missed.


38% of all office cleaning complaints stem from not cleaning desks properly.

  • Tea and coffee stains from split cups not wiped properly
  • Mugs left on desks and not placed in dishwasher
  • Desks left untidy with documents piled randomly on top of each other
  • Things being moved unnecessarily
  • Phones cleaned and left off the hook
  • Computer monitors switched on by accident


29% of all office cleaning complaints stem from poor floor care.

  • Chewing gum on carpets not being removed
  • Coffee stains and spillages not mopped up on hard floor surfaces
  • Carpets not getting vacuumed properly particularly edges and corners
  • Streaky hard floors due to dirty mop solution and dirty mop
  • Chairs not being moved sufficiently during the clean, especially under desks, leaving floor area dirty

Kitchen Area

14% of all office cleaning complaints stem from poor kitchen care.

  • Dishwasher cycle not set
  • Dishwasher not emptied after cycle complete
  • Trash bins not emptied
  • Microwaves not cleaned regularly enough
  • Sinks left dirty
  • Counters not wiped down properly
  • Fridges not emptied of out of date items
  • Coffee machines not cleaned properly
  • Chairs and tables in break are not cleaned properly


13% of all office cleaning complaints stem from poor toilet care.

  • Stains and marks on walls not removed
  • Toilet seats stained
  • Toilet bowls not cleaned properly
  • Sanitary bins not wiped down properly
  • Tops of doors and door frames dusty
  • Doors not wiped down regularly enough
  • Ceiling vents and light fittings not dusted enough
  • Mirrors streaky
  • Sinks left dirty
  • Taps not buffed
  • Dryers sticky and unclean
  • Toilet rolls and hand towels not stocked frequently enough


6% of all office cleaning complaints include the following:

  • Blinds not cleaned enough
  • Partition glass within offices often left with marks
  • High level dusting of lightbulbs and picture frames missed
  • Chair legs often left dusty
  • Computer cables and sockets seldom cleaned
  • Monitors and keyboards left dirty
  • Handrails on stairways left sticky
  • Lifts not cleaned