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Infographic – The Not So Good Cleaning Companies

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Most commercial cleaning companies are conscientious, hardworking & honest, but as in most industries you do get the odd exception or two. This infographic shows some interesting results of a survey of 100 establishments.

The Not So Good Cleaning Companies

The following information is the result is a survey of 100 establishments in London. Of these, only 60 establishments were cleaned properly. The remaining 40 establishments had poor cleaning standards.


The biggest culprit was not cleaning the floors properly which accounted for 15 of these 40 establishments.

  • 20% of these were not vacuumed properly, especially under desks, chairs and tables
  • 30% were not mopped at all
  • 15% were spot mopped with the cleaner looking for stains and not mopping the whole floor
  • 15% did not have the mopping water changed regularly enough resulting in streaky floors

The remaining 20% included:

  • Using dirty mops
  • using dirty mop buckets not ever cleaned
  • Using cold water to mop instead of hot water
  • Walking over the floor while wet & leaving footprints
  • Not removing chewing gum from floors
  • Not putting out “Cleaning in Progress” or “Slippery Wet Floor” signs.


Cleaning toilets inadequately accounted for 10 of these 40 establishments.

  • 40% had stains on toilet seats, seat covers and toilet bowls (inside and out)
  • 30% had stains on walls, doors and tiles
  • 10% had poor cleaning standards for sinks with lime scale on taps and stained sinks

The remaining 20% included the following:

  • Toilet roll holders dirty
  • Hand driers sticky
  • Mirrors streaky
  • Ceiling vents dusty
  • Door frames dusty & dirty
  • Bad smells due to lack of deodorisation and disinfectant
  • Toilet brush sets not cleaned at all
  • Soap dispensers stained


8 of these establishments had dirty kitchens.

  • 20% had stains and dust on stainless steel fittings and shelving
  • 15% had dirty and stained walls
  • 10% had evidence of mice droppings
  • 5% had dirty sinks
  • 20% had dirty crockery 7 cutlery
  • 10% had greasy ceilings
  • 10% had dirt on their appliances
  • 4% had not cleaned their fridges inside

The remaining 6% included the following:

  • Dirty cloths & gloves used to clean
  • Wrong chemicals being used
  • Poor ventilation while using chemicals
  • Inadequate training
  • Improper clothing & footwear being worn

Other Areas

These accounted for 7 of the 40 establishments and included the following:

  • Dirty deks
  • Dirty chairs
  • Dusty computer monitors and keyboards
  • Dirty blinds
  • Bins not being emptied
  • Stained glass partitions
  • Stair hand rails sticky
  • Lifts not cleaned