How to Deal with Bad Reviews

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Naming and shaming is a common occurrence these days, especially where the service industry is concerned. When hygiene is poor and things end up on the plate that shouldn’t be there, it can be a PR disaster with local and national press picking up the story. If it’s happened to Marco Pierre White, it could happen to you too. Your reputation and takings will be seriously dented – and add to this already damaging incident, the power of social media and what could have dealt with discreetly, is now an online disaster too.

When this happens what can you do? What should you do?

1 Apologise and make amends immediately

As soon as a problem is brought to your attention, you need to act swiftly and decisively. Rather than being defensive, some pub and restaurant owners have even retaliated saying that the customer may have added the foreign object to the food. In most cases, you need to acknowledge that the food was not up to standard, replace the meal and make an offer of free drinks/meal to put it right. This way, you may be able to save the day without the dispute going online.

2 Online disasters

However, in this technological age, more and more of us are posting things online before we give people a chance to rectify the problem, and this has undoubtedly happened in the hospitality trade more than once. You only have to remember the incident where a diner complained about the service when a patron was having a heart attack to know that in the heat of the moment, everyone has the ability to get it wrong.

If this does happen, you need to respond. A knee-jerk reaction is not always the best option so before you start ranting back online, consider how best to handle the situation before you type that response. In many ways the ‘we are sorry to hear your experience wasn’t great – call us so we can make amends’ type of text is a great response.

3 Prevention is better than cure

Damage limitation online takes time and effort, as well as money, if you choose to hire a social media management company to deflect criticism and move your brand on. Nevertheless it is an important aspect of your business to think about, as it can affect almost all businesses across a variety of industries.

Making sure that it doesn’t happen should be your line of defence with which you should combine with a high standard of service, each and every time your pub or restaurant is open and serving. From not sending out charred offerings, to making sure that kitchens, food preparation and storage areas are scrupulously clean, all of the time.

You can decrease the chances of something going wrong by employing the services of a professional cleaning company. Dirt, grease and foreign objects do not lurk just on counter tops; they reside in fans and filters, cupboards and dark recesses of the kitchen.

To bring your kitchen up to sparkling, hygienic standards, quickly and easily, call the professional company with a reputation for leaving nothing untouched, Master Cleaners on 0845 071 1397 or email and make it difficult for even the fussiest of clientèle to find fault with your restaurant or pub – only great reviews will follow!