How Heroes Would Clean Your Office

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As a keen comic and superhero enthusiast, I have often spent hours contemplating what it would be like to spend a day in the life of a  superhero (Editor: it would be sooooo cooooool!). What would it be like to fly? To have super human strength? To have telekinetic abilities? How cool would that be? (Editor: Super awesome!!) Right? Fighting crime, saving the world and doing it in the most spectacular of ways, it’s truly an awesome concept. No wonder comic characters have risen in popularity over the years (Editor: Hell Yeah!!).

But (Editor: ah he was doing so well….), when was the last time you considered reversing that concept? What about imagining heroes doing the most common and normal of tasks? (Editor: what???) Does Tony Stark polish his own armour? I’ve never seen anything other than a perfectly pristine Iron Man suit – except mid battle for dramatic effect! Have you? What about Deadpool sewing up the bullet holes in his costume? (Editor: I hate those things!)

Intro the superhero cleaning team… (Editor: Huh??).

That’s right!

Imagine your office cleaned by a team of super heroes!

Imagine the desks polished by the Flash? Paperwork everywhere…..but imagine that shine! (Editor: So Shiny!!).

Superman flying up to clean those hard to reach places, clearing out the cobwebs…….while Spiderman would just add more! Antman could clean out your keyboards! Batman hoovering? Robin could hold the lead! (Editor: Maybe they could pretend to climb up walls again!!)

Although…..I can’t help but feel it wouldn’t be long until Hulk would try and help empty the bins and it would get rather messy….But hey at least Aquaman would finally be able to help, he could wash the floors!!!! (Editor: Finally a use for that guy!!!)

OK, so maybe not the best idea. They should probably just focus on saving the world, righting the wrongs of various supervillains and leave office cleaning to the professionals. At Master Cleaners (Editor: TA DAH!) we will leave your premises dust, scum, dirt and stain free every day guaranteed or you get your money back. (Editor: No plugs….Maximum effort!!)