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Master Cleaners: Your Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company

For many years now Master Cleaners has had an environmentally friendly cleaning services policy which is ethical and sustainable.

Zero Carbon Foot Print

Master Cleaners operate with a zero carbon footprint policy as evidenced by our affiliation to CARBON CLEAR which is the internationally recognised standard attainment company and the benchmark for obtaining zero carbon footprint accreditation.

Due to the complexities of operating eco cleaning services in London it is virtually impossible to be carbon clear organically. Consequently the approach for any practical eco-cleaning company with a conscience is to try to minimise its carbon footprint by recognised structures & methods. However this by itself is not enough & any eco policy must include awareness & education to enable its employees to constantly strive to reduce its carbon foot print. Staff need to motivated & rewarded for their continuous efforts & to incentivise them for this we offer a bonus scheme depending annually which measures the current carbon foot print against the previous years.


Once we have implemented the necessary structures, methods & awareness the carbon foot print that remains is then paid for by sponsoring various organisations that need help around the world. This “offset” is vital to understand the nature of ecology as we must understand that getting rid of carbon is a costly business but not getting rid of it is even more costly in terms of human quality of life, nature and our planet.

This sponsorship can take various forms such as helping on orphanage in Turkey to grow its own food or assisting to bring fresh water to deprived parts of Africa.

Specific Areas Affecting Your Environment


Waste Management

Water Usage

Transport & Vehicles



Where practical buy products which are:-



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