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Commercial Cleaning Services London

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Master Cleaners provides commercial cleaning in London for existing contracted customers. These are usually one off or infrequent cleans for customers that use our daily general cleaning services. These services are not available to anyone but existing customers.

Window Cleaning Services

Many customers use this service weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Typically the outside window panes are cleaned more often than the inside panes which are not subject to weather, smog, exhaust gases and rubbish or dust thrown at them by wind.
We try to use the same cleaners that are cleaning daily at the premises to also clean the windows.
All our staff are fully trained to perform all cleaning methods which provides versatility & flexibility as well as being more cost effective.

With the same cleaner doing both jobs represents a significant saving which is passed onto the customer.
No van & cleaner are needed to drive to the premises to perform this service as the window cleaning equipment is stored permanently at the customer’s premises and used when needed.
Savings in time:-

  • No travelling backwards & forwards to the job
  • No requirement to find a parking space
  • No loading & unloading required

Savings in money:-

  • No Congestion Charge
  • No parking costs
  • No petrol
  • No wear & tare for vehicles

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Customers tend to use this service fairly infrequently.
Typically every 3 months and usually as part of a regular quarterly deep clean.
Fabric sofas, curtains & chairs can also form part of the clean.

Handyman Services

We provide these services for existing customers .
A certain amount of our cleaners have handyman capabilities which save the customer time and money.
Handyman services can be undertaken by the cleaner during the clean as an add on so no call out charges apply.
Handyman services are charged in half hourly slots at £7.50 per half hour.
The minimum charge is therefore £7.50.

Blind Cleaning

Using specialist equipment we can clean blinds as often as our customer requires.

Steam Cleaning To Remove Chewing Gum

Steam cleaning is very effective in removing chewing gum from carpets & other surfaces. Many of our existing customers use this service.
This process effectively melts the chewing gum which is then easily removed with a lint free cloth.
Very useful in high traffic areas such as Night Clubs where you can have several hundred people confined in a relatively small space.

Kitchen Cleaning

Master cleaners provides kitchen cleaning services for existing customers typically for restaurants & catering companies.
Often done overnight we clean kitchens from top to bottom, literally from floor to ceiling & everything in between.
A combination of traditional methods & steam cleaning results in a sparkling kitchen.

Kitchen Porter Services

With this service you do not need to be an existing customer as long as you commit to 25 hours a week.

These often run in shifts and some places run several shifts a day.

Toilet Attendants Services

Again with this service you don’t need to be an existing customer and is also subject to a minimum requirement of 25 hours per week. We provide uniformed male & female toilet attendants which keep the toilets clean & stocked during opening hours.

Floor Scrubbing

For existing customers we auto scrub hard floors to remove dirt and stains. We use a low speed rotary machine typically running at 175 RPM with a black floor pad or scrubbing brush.
This method is suitable for large floor areas and saves time in that the floor does not have to be mopped.

Floor Buffing

Certain of our existing customers have marble and ceramic floors. Using a high speed buffing machine up to 1500 RPM we buff these floors to a brilliant shine.

Floor Polishing

This is used four our customers with wooden floors primarily in pubs, restaurants and school sports halls.
We apply a quick drying total floor treatment polish which is very hard wearing and can last up to 6 months in medium traffic areas.
Three coats are applied one after the other. The floor needs to dry for 45 minutes between coats.

Pressure Washing

Again for existing customers we can jet wash patios in beer gardens or tiled pavements outside pubs, cafes & restaurants.
Also used for sloping glass rooves where access can be difficult and conventional water fed systems are just not powerful enough.

Canopy Cleaning

Using specialist equipment we can bring up canopies like new.  A combination of water fed brushes under pressure with selected chemicals gets even the dirtiest canopies looking immaculate.