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5 Hygiene Nightmares from the Hospitality Industry

By 27th May 2016March 7th, 2021No Comments

We thought this month we would take a break from our informative blog posts and write about something that was a little more entertaining. A quick search on Google shows that the internet is filled with horror stories from both customers and restaurant staff that have been traumatised by these experiences.

Whether you work or manage a restaurant or are a customer, we hope that you will find these entertaining!

Hygiene extends to the customersKitchenette

I served through college at a nicer version of your standard Bar & Grill type restaurant. I had a two-top once, a father and a son, the father was in his mid 50’s and very chatty. It was a busy Saturday dinner rush but I took the time to enjoy a bit of banter with him (and up my potential tip) when he asked if the tattoos on my wrists were real. I said yes, they were in fact.

He then proceeded to grab my arm, flip my wrist over, lick his fingers then try and rub my tattoo off. I politely excused myself then ran to wash my hands and arms like a maniac for the next five minutes.

Always read the reviewsReddit

“Went to a Mexican restaurant that was completely empty on a saturday night. Highlights included:

-A clump of hair/dust in the salsa

-Music cranked up so loud that the water on the table rippled

-Empty dancefloor, a DJ that came out, stared at us and counted to three in spanish over and over again in a satanic voice

-A pretty ok enchilada…

-When attempting to pay with a credit card, making sure to get a signature because “the fucking cops have been around”

-A toothless man wandering around near the cash register with a guitar just laughing and spouting nonsense

-A friend’s report that there was a man most likely getting a blowjob in the bathroom.

Then we found out why that place was so mental two weeks later when I went to read some bad reviews.”

Commendable cleaningBuzzfeed

“I used to serve and bartend at a Chili’s in Florida. While cleaning one of my tables, I noticed something under the table. I grabbed a broom and dustpan, and when I swept it up, I noticed it was a thong. I don’t think I cleaned a table as well as I cleaned that one (I even used bleach on the seats and table). My manager asked why I was cleaning so hard, and I told him to look in the trash in the kitchen. I heard him laughing from the dining room.”

One line says it allReddit

“Cockroaches fell out of the ceiling and onto our table while eating.”

“The Dirty Drunk” From Buzzfeed

“I work in a restaurant, and one time a man as drunk as could be pulled down his pants in the middle of the bar and pooped on the floor. If that wasn’t bad enough, the smell from the faeces cleared out the entire bar — and guess who had to clean it up. But, it’s a legend here that whenever your day is crappy, at least you’re not cleaning up Mr. Walters’ poop.”

We really do feel for this poor waitress as that is something which a waitress shouldn’t have to clear up from the floor of the bar.

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