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How Clean is Your Pub?

By 21st May 2021June 11th, 2021No Comments

The importance of maintaining a clean pub or restaurant cannot be overlooked; this is a standard that people expect when they come in for a pint of beer or a bite to eat. In fact, more than 90 per cent of adult customers state that a clean bar area and toilets is the most vital factor when choosing a pub.

Just think about how many drinks are split a day or how many crumbs end up on the floor. Then think about all of the people that come in and out of your pub, stamping on the spilt food and beverages, embedding them further into your carpet. The number of germs that live in a pub carpet is truly frightening, which is just one element of your venue. You then have to think about the tables, curtains, bar area, windows, kitchens, and more.

Out with the smoky grimy vault, in with the light and airy atmosphere

Since the smoking ban was introduced, there is no hiding any more. Customers can’t glare at the person lighting up a cigarette in a smoky vault, but it could reflect badly, if they see that a venue is dusty or dirty. In other words, customers now want a more airy and clean pub experience.

In addition to this, if your venue is unclean, punters will often associate this with a lack of care in other areas, for example overall hygiene, food safety, and food quality. If you a business cannot clean the tables properly for their customers, you can only imagine what the worktops in their kitchen would be like! Situations like this will diminish your brand identity and the way that customers view your business.

It’s not just customer experience to consider

There is also the threat of a fine if your pub is not kept clean. Only this week a pub in Wilstead, Bedford, was fined £15,000 after pleading guilty to breaking Food and Safety Hygiene rules. Amongst many things, officers had identified that the Woolpack had a very poor standard of cleanliness. With press quick to report on such issues, the damage to your reputation could be difficult to come back from.

Without using a professional pub cleaning service, you’re always at risk of dropping your standards in terms of cleanliness. You need specialists that are trained in cleaning and have all of the equipment that is required to effectively get rid of germs in such tough environments as your standard cleaning products will certainly not do. At Master Cleaners, we provide an exceptional pub cleaning service, including your toilets, kitchens, bar areas, windows, carpets, tables, curtains, and upholstery, so why not contact us today for a quote? You’ll stay on the right side of the law, and make sure you’re offering your clientèle a better pub experience. Everyone’s a winner!