Can a Professional Cleaner Increase Team Motivation?

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It may seem trivial, but most successful business owners will agree that a clean, sanitary, hygienic environment is imperative to the success of a company. Despite this, some small to medium enterprises are reluctant to commit to hiring a full-time cleaner, choosing instead to delegate cleaning tasks among employees, often on a rota basis.

Is cleaning taking up the time and productivity of your employees?

Although you may feel a cleaning rota works as a money-saving tactic, in actual fact your business could be losing money – this is because your employees are tied up with cleaning instead of getting on with their assigned role – every minute spent cleaning is a minute which could be better spent serving customers, processing orders or undertaking administrative tasks.

Professional cleaners get the job done properly

There’s an old saying – “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. This can be loosely applied to using your own staff to clean. Busy staff don’t have to time to clean thoroughly, and demotivated staff who don’t particularly relish the task of cleaning are more likely to overlook certain tasks. With a professional cleaner, you can ensure the job gets done when it needs doing, to the kind of standards you would expect and require.

Clean office, productive workforce

Ever noticed how much more positive you feel when the environment around you looks and smells great? Ancient Chinese wisdom refers to this as feng shui – although you needn’t be a philosopher to understand that a tidy workplace is more conducive to a productive day. Motivate your staff by utilising the services of a professional cleaner (such as Master Cleaners) today!

Your customers will notice the difference

It’s not just your staff that will benefit from professional cleaning services – your customers will be impressed, too. First impressions count – you wouldn’t expect to meet a client wearing a dirty suit and a pair of old shoes, and you should view your office as an extension of that. Having a neat and tidy workspace sends a message to prospective customers and clients that your company is organised and ready for action – put simply, that 10 hours of contract cleaning you invest in could end up winning you new contracts, bringing in more sales or attracting more people to your bar or eatery. It makes sense.

What sort of service can I expect from Master Cleaners?

Every job is different, and Master Cleaners’ experienced team always take the time to analyse and consider what cleaning methods are best for the premises in question. From restaurants, pubs and clubs to offices, doctors surgeries, large university campuses and everything in between, there’s method with the Masters. As a matter of fact, each job is subject to a unique 75-point checklist to ensure a thorough, safe and satisfactory clean – time after time.

From straightforward emptying of bins and general maintenance to specialist hot water soil extraction, Master Cleaners have the tools, the technique and ability to make your workplace shine. For further information or to request a free quotation, call us on 0845 071 1397 or email us at