Bar and Wine Bar Cleaning

A bar or wine bar is often a cross between a restaurant and a pub. On offer is usually a good selection of alcohol particularly wine with a varied food menu.

Bars characteristically often have wooden floors and high ceilings with the toilet and washroom section either up or down a stairway.

The daily bar cleaning tasks should include:

Bar stools and legs
The bar
Chairs and chair legs
Toilets and washrooms
Picture glass and frames
Vending machines/fruit machines
Wooden floors

A lot of what is contained in our restaurant cleaning section applies here also.

With high ceilings comes the problem of high level dusting. This must not be overlooked because it potentially poses a health hazard. As access is difficult this area tends to get overlooked and as a consequence often stores large volumes of dust that can fall down in small quantities onto food often unnoticed.

Our long range equipment is the perfect solution to this problem.

Wooden Floor Maintenance

Wooden floors need special care to look their best. A proper maintenance program needs to be incorporated into the cleaning schedule specifically for this.

The wooden floor should be swept and mopped daily and polished frequently. The frequency of polish depends on the volume of traffic but typically can range from once weekly to every day.

Polishing is important for two reasons. Firstly it gives the floor a shiny appearance because the polymers in the polish reflect light.Secondly the polish acts as a protective layer between the soles of peoples shoes and the floor varnish.

If too little polish is applied the floor is inadequately protected and will become damaged but if too much polish is applied the floor will darken and will eventually go black.

By monitoring your floor on a daily basis our experienced cleaners will get the balance right for your floor.

Bar Cleaning Tips

Always use non slip floor polish to avoid safety hazards.

When mopping a wooden floor use lemon gel floor cleaner. This does not dull the polish as an ordinary floor cleaner would and has a neutral PH.

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