A Clean Office is a More Productive One

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After commuting to work on the Underground, traipsing down the pavement and avoiding the barrage of exhaust fumes, the last thing any employee needs is an untidy workspace.

Recent reports suggest that a clean workspace not only improves an employee’s sense of well-being, but can even boost productivity.

With the help of a contract cleaner you can quickly start to revolutionise the way your business operates. Everybody knows it’s easier to concentrate when the mind is free of clutter. Help your employees to do just that by creating a better working environment thanks to a few hours help from a professional cleaning company.

A minimum of just 10 hours contract cleaning in your office every week could have an amazing effect on your profit. You won’t be disappointed.

Less sick days

Sickness is a real burden on business owners. It’s an inevitability that your staff will experience at least a few days off a year – do tell us if you’ve found a member of staff with a 100% attendance record.

A clean office is a healthier one. Just imagine the amount of dirt and grime that builds up over time without the expert help of a contract cleaner. Some research suggests that the average keyboard conceals up to 7,500 bacteria.

Resilient viruses like flu can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours and, as a city of 8.5 million people all crammed together, if an office anywhere is to benefit from commercial cleaning, London must be the place.

Chin up

It’s not only physically that a clean office can boost health, but mentally too. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by mess and clutter – it can really bring down your mood. And, with many employees spending most of their time at the office, a dirty environment is no good for motivation.

It only takes a few hours a week. But even the smallest investment in a commercial cleaning company could net you a healthy profit. No business owner wants to feel responsible for the misery of their employees, so create the kind of environment you’d like to be in by committing to a regular cleaning schedule.

It’s all about you

First impressions count. Don’t watch potential clients or the next superstar employee walk out of the lobby of your office because they are put off by its appearance.

Even staff you have retained might eventually opt for pastures new if their workspace is continually untidy. It says a great deal about a business if it instantly comes across as well cared for.

A clean office promotes professionalism from the top down. It shows that you, as a business owner, take pride in the service offered by your company and it goes a long way in instilling that pride in the people who work for you.


Another major factor that affects employees up and down the country is stress. This is a huge factor in consistent sick days and takes a toll on annual profit, as well as the general sense of wellbeing within the office.

A clean office promotes a clear mind. It’s difficult to deal with stressful satiations at work if an area is surrounded by clutter.

Last year, a staggering 27.3 million working days were lost due to various ailments afflicting the employed population. Act now and avoid being part of the problem.

It’s amazing how such small tweaks to the office environment can have such wide-reaching effects. But, with a reliable contract cleaning company like, a healthier, more motivated and productive office is just a telephone call away.