How Not To Clean A Window

The following photographs have at least a few things in common:

1. They all feature human beings cleaning windows; human beings born, presumably, with brains.

2. They all illustrate a total lack of common sense on behalf of the cleaners in question, more often than not because they’re unable/unwilling to muster the time/money/brainpower necessary to do the cleaning safely.

3. They all make me depressed and strangely exhilarated. I’m sure you’ll experience a similarly thrilling level of discomfort.

Hold on tight.

Crazy Women Cleaning Window
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Above: An old lady does the unthinkable and cleans her window from the comfort of the sill, in what looks like snowy weather.

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Above: An intelligent chap, determined not to be beaten by the unreachable, rests his ladder on a ledge barely deep enough to hold it.

Image Source

Above: 400ft up, on the 34th floor of a hotel in Dubai, a bright young man cleans a window and proceeds to make all onlookers instantly queasy.

Image Source

Above: This guy’s barely even gripping the building as he unprofessionally attempts to cut corners.

Image Source

Above: Words can’t describe just how insane this is.

Image Source

Above: Numerous students at Liaoning University in China decide to dice with death simultaneously and clean their windows with reckless abandon.

Image Source

Above: Vintage window cleaning insanity from 1985.

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43 Responses to How Not To Clean A Window

  1. Jessica says:

    I want to be the kind of awesome old lady who stands on the outside of her windowsill to clean the window.

    • whowho says:

      She looks like the maid with many years experience . Wonder what she charges an hour ? When those woman back in the day cleaned by golly they cleaned . They don’t make them like that anymore

      • Dee says:

        Did you know that when they fell several stories to their death, by the time the ambulance arrived they would find the body in a Glad bin bag surrounded by lemon fresh clean pavement. God bless ‘em!

    • O. Bama says:

      Windows need cleaning, so she cleans ‘em. No fuss, no muss…no fear.
      That there is a real SuperGran. Awesome indeed.

  2. Mach 11 says:

    Beyond me how peaple can be sooo! stupid

  3. Mach 11 says:

    Moderated stupid for silly ,lack of fear.

  4. Blll L says:

    Some people just don’t give a rats ass.

  5. Paul Kelly says:

    God has a weird sense of humor, in that he could give some people the feelings of omnipotence to think they could get away with climbing out on a little window ledge to clean a window that looks out on basically nothing!

  6. michael says:

    I’m a professional window cleaner and you just made my day….omg!!!!! let me collect myself….. my fav is the guy actually standing on the window!!!too funny…..another good reason to leave the job to a professional…

  7. Red says:

    Determination can indeed sometimes make people throw caution to the wind…..for the determination I can admire them. I am not very impressed with the guy that wasn’t holding on to ANYTHING while standing on his window…..that one was a little nuts, wonder if he was inebriated.

  8. janene says:

    How very cool to be able to do that with NO fear. WOW

  9. Mrs.Dianne says:

    This is to show one avoidance of going to extremes;just,to achieve the ‘cleaning,chore’! My ‘memory-lane’,recall came to mind;when,I was a rookie initially,completing the seasonal,chores! Man, the ‘close-calls’;only a beginner would attempt for when you get some years,age on ya.Well, you cringe to recall the lunatic,approaches to chores! Like my eldest,brother would remind me,the chores will always be there! So,what have I learned this two-decades for maintening my abode,and assistancing the siblings’ abode,next door? Your common,sense,providing you acquired some along the way, use it,or find yourself splattered somewhere,on something,or someone!

  10. E-man Jones says:

    I Pee on my windows. The hot ammonia stew tends to dissolve almost anything. and leaves little to no water spots. Plus I drink pickle juice for that extra kick. And the ability to arch my flow allows a lot a lea-way when 68 stories up. Still why do they allow me to open my window 68 stories up. a world without lawyers is a world with plenty of, of, people who like to ignore life. After all, who cares you work, you die, you clean windows in the meantime.

  11. KIF says:

    These guys aren’t cowards. That is always a plus. Keep up the good work window cleaners. This site should admire them instead of mocking them.

  12. Darlene says:

    Lol, I don’t do windows,lol.

  13. A very dangerous and a doll ideas.It may cause death.

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  15. kzutter says:

    At the risk of sounding ethnocentric, I don’t any of them are Americans.

    • Aurelio says:

      “I don’t any of them are Americans” ??

      You’re right, Mr.
      Americans are still trying to figure out how to open the window.

  16. jk says:

    Older people get anxious about their windows. They will ask a cleaning job to younger ones – if they know any. Social isolation causes this kind of pics, not a lot of humor involved.

  17. chuck says:

    Whatever works!

  18. Pedro Abril says:

    huhuy… very very dangerous a cleaning windows

  19. Screw windows. and microsoft.

  20. q says:

    That is the reason why i don’t have windows in my home ;P snowing in Madrid yujuuuuuu

  21. q says:

    to kzutter

    of course no they are americans… Americans just make war to get petrol and watch executions of prisioners on TV, not clean the windows… take it real ;P

  22. Chronic says:

    Its shopped I can see the pixels, very clearly I might add.
    I would know I have seen many shops in my time, one could call me an expert.

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  25. B says:

    On the serious side, when I was in Singapore a decade ago there was a minor outcry when there was a spate of stories in the papers about Indonesian maids falling to their deaths after their bosses forced them to clean the outside of windows in multi-story apartment blocks. Immigrant workers in any country often face extremely dangerous working conditions.

    • MMe LH says:

      I agree, especially in the photo of the man in Dubai. “Servants” over there are often terribly treated and forced into awful working conditions. Imagine getting told by your employer to clean that window inside and out, or else you and your whole family get sent back to the Philippines with nothing. It’s Sad.

  26. Vivian says:

    People risking their lives to clean a window, People using somthing this rediculous to throw insults at each other, My vote goes to the Architects that decide balconies would ruin the look of their buildings!

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  28. Heron says:

    if you’re not going to clean your windows awesomely why do it at all?

  29. chibihara says:

    the guy stood on the window isn’t cleanin the windows, he’s a crazy man who was standin on his window an throwin stuff down below @ police, i think he was an illegal immigrant it’s in salford, greater manchester, englan,d uk, the earth, the milky way

  30. Adam says:

    The guy for the picture “Above: Words can’t describe just how insane this is.” doesn’t even look like he’s cleaning. I mean, look at the situation. What’s he reaching from there? The bottom inch of the window above him? It looks more like he’s just standing on his make-shift balcony enjoying the view.

  31. Cheshire says:

    I might try it, but I’d get some rope and anchor myself to something solid inside…

  32. Yano says:

    Ok, don’t get me wrong some of these are insane. But, like half of them are not that crazy at all. Any of them where they are leaning out but holding onto the inside of the window…what’s so crazy about that? They are standing firmly on a ledge and holding onto something that won’t break or fall.

    It’s not any more sketchy than a painter on a ladder reaching or doing anything slightly awkward. In fact, you could even argue that it is less sketchy, because there is always a very small chance a ladder can slip or fall. However, that ledge and the window being held onto are not going ANYWHERE.

  33. afly_on_the_wall says:

    can ya’ll say OCD?

  34. i still think its stupid to risk your life to clean the windows like that, even if they are holding onto it etc

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