Muddy Hell: Glastonbury’s Filthiest Moments

Will Glastonbury 2013 be a muddy one? The jury’s out, but after a year off and a headlining slot from the Stones, you can’t hide from the hype about the biggest festival in the world. Mud or no mud, Glastonbury is still a pretty filthy place to be, thanks to its rickety Portaloos and cesspit-style ‘long-drop’ toilets. Not going this year? While your friends post glamorous hotpants-and-glitter pictures on Facebook, let’s take a look at the reality of Glastonbury. Because beyond the designer wellies and glamorous celebrities, Glastonbury is rather like a particularly grueling endurance test. Watch at home and console yourself with the fact you definitely won’t have to face scenes like this… Continue reading

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12 Destructive Pets You Can’t Be Mad At

Destructive Pets 1It wasn’t me, and I’m hungry… woof. (Source)

When man began to wander the earth in search of food, shelter and a good place to spend a Friday evening that plays great music but not too loud so you can hear what your friends are saying, he began to get lonely. Luckily, man learned how to domesticate animals and his loneliness ended. It was a joyous time full of stick throwing and tummy tickling. Continue reading

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5 Cleanest Places on Earth

intro 01

Her cleaning hand is so fast, it defies photography. Continue reading

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The World’s Most Untidy Office Desks

Untidy Office Desk

Here is a collection of some of the most untidy desks in the World that we were able to find on the web. If you have a picture of a messy desk that you would like to be featured on this page then please send an email to Continue reading

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12 Unintentionally Hilarious Advertisements for Cleaning Products

It’s amazing the lack of foresight that some marketers show when considering how best to promote their clients product. Every one of these advertisements is real. Continue reading

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The World’s Filthiest Places

Worlds Filthiest PlacesImage Source

It’s easy to take for granted the relative cleanliness of your surroundings when it’s all you know, and it’s safe to say that most of the people reading this will no doubt have grown up in societies equipped with the resources necessary to keep their local communities — streets, rivers, parks, etc. — free of litter and pollution, or at least clean enough not to have their health threatened. Sadly it’s not that easy the world over, and for the communities seen below such basic and essential resources aren’t (or weren’t at the time of the photos being taken) available. Continue reading

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The World’s Filthiest Artists

The following five artists all have at least one thing in common: without the everyday dirt that most others work hard to collect and discard, they would be unable to produce the impressive pieces seen below. For those who obsess about cleaning, the pictures you’re about to see may cause a twitch or two. Continue reading

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34 Scary Photos of The World’s Filthiest Homes

If the prospect of cleaning your home or office brings you out in a dread-induced rash, just imagine for a second the cold sweats experienced by the unlucky human beings tasked with de-griming the following filthy living spaces. The levels of squalor range from horrendously disorganised through to dangerously dirty, the reasons varied and often unknown, but to be honest its irrelevant as we’ve compiled these breathtaking photos simply as a morale boosting exercise for the tidyphobics among us. After looking at these photos you will (hopefully) be safe in the knowledge that the clutter in which you wallow is nothing compared to some of the pig-stys around the world.

If, however, your home is dirtier than any of those shown below, get some professional cleaning help. Seriously.

Okay. Hold your breath… Continue reading

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How Not To Clean A Window

The following photographs have at least a few things in common:

1. They all feature human beings cleaning windows; human beings born, presumably, with brains.

2. They all illustrate a total lack of common sense on behalf of the cleaners in question, more often than not because they’re unable/unwilling to muster the time/money/brainpower necessary to do the cleaning safely.

3. They all make me depressed and strangely exhilarated. I’m sure you’ll experience a similarly thrilling level of discomfort.

Hold on tight. Continue reading

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The World’s Most Fearless Cleaners

Enormous man-made structures won’t just clean themselves, you know. Thank goodness then for the brave few who seem more than happy to scale such beasts in an effort to de-grime them; apparently fearless as they swing next to, hang from, and climb up the world’s most impressively large landmarks with bucket and sponge in hand and sturdy stomach. To help you appreciate the job in hand, here are some stunning but often gut-wrenching photos. Continue reading

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